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November 3rd for the 23rd Congressional District of NY!

Meet Scott

Scott Noren for the 23rd

Fighting for the ny southern tier

Scott Noren’s a husband and father of a special needs daughter, and of 2 other daughters and a son. He has been an advocate and provider for special needs healthcare for over 20 years, and is an opioid issue expert. He is also a U.S. Army vet, an athlete in Olympic Weightlifting and a firm 2nd Amendment advocate. He is a businessman that knows we are taxing businesses out of NY State and the Southern Tier which needs to stop.


Who I am and why I am running

I am a father of a multiply disabled daughter, 3 other grown boy and girls, husband, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon, environmental activist, opioid subject matter expert, non-combat veteran, medical writer, athlete (competed at the World level); I have been a union health care provider for 15 years, and victim of gun violence as well as a second amendment advocate and for common sense gun legislation. I am also on a state committee for the NYSDA (New York State Dental Association) that advocates for special needs populations and the underserved dental populations. I have been on the Surrogate Decision making Panel from the New York Justice Center for many years that advocates for individuals that have no friends or family to assist in medical decision making instead of only going before a judge for that purpose. It was a program started under former Governor David Paterson. I am getting ready to file with the FEC to run for the 23rd District U.S. House seat because I have in my opinion a much broader array of life and work experiences than both Congressman Reed and any of the previous and current Democratic candidates for this race. 4 people have tried to run against Congressman Reed and the last time lost 10 of 11 Districts. I have more in common with all of the voters than the people I mentioned above. I have lived in rural communities and urban areas of this country and have the pulse of what works and vice versa. I am actively working on making air travel easier for special needs populations through a program that will begin this spring in Tompkins County Airport and also working on an initiative for a PSA given by a celebrity on the overhead at airports to urge tolerance for special needs fellow passengers and to make this nationwide.  I am also looking to make major changes in the student loan system with reduced interest rates, revamp the U.S. Army Inspector General system in relation to military sexual assault, increase the access to health care among non-service connected veterans that have served and don’t qualify for health care, consider writing a bill that will allow the federal government to produce a small list of pharmaceuticals at cost like insulin to compete against the high private sector prices and this would be much more affordable than any other plan, ban being on a committee that the Congressional member is receiving lobby money from that sector/industry or their spouse working in that industry or heavily invested in that industry, increase security at our shipping ports to make the chance of serious national security threats as in dirty bombs and other WMD possible, require tax returns for at least 3 years for both Congress and the POTUS be publicly available. There are many more initiatives that I feel are worth fighting for as well; I have worked blue collar and white collar jobs from factories to fast food to office and now a surgical practice.

My core values and vision

I don’t say or promote things that I don’t believe in just to resonate with a particular group; I am not ashamed to be a Democrat that is far left on some issues but very centrist and supportive of fair capitalism on others. I have as my core values to try to treat people even better than I treat myself; I do hold people accountable when they are dishonest and take responsibility if I have slighted someone else in some way. I believe in the rule of law but also believe in some circumstances, people need second chances. I do believe that everyone should have equal access to affordable healthcare but stand strongly in the defense of living wages and adequate pay for healthcare providers and allied healthcare workers. I envision a country and a Congressional District that is more tolerant but also can improve its ability to stop demonizing people that have logical but different views on policies local, regional, state and federally. We can have serious discussions and though there should be tolerance, some far left and far right groups must realize that sometimes change comes in steps and not in leaps and bounds and there should be civility along that path. I feel that a candidate should use their particular experience and successes and bring that to the table in Congress, serve and leave instead of pursuing a career there without limits. I also envision helping the American public choose Presidents that have had accomplishments in Congress instead of renaming Post Offices, or, be elected because they are famous or a celebrity. An example of a true citizen politician was Ben Franklin who used his expert writing skills, uncanny ability to improve on technology and industry and serve the country but not remain in office as a career politician. Regardless of your opinion on any one issue, as in the Rotary which I was a part of, the questions should always be ‘Is it the truth, is it fair to all concerned, will it build goodwill and better friendships, and will it be beneficial to all concerned’. Although not a perfect system, it seems to be the starting point when debating any political initiative. Ironic since the Rotary is apolitical. I do believe in a Higher being and am dedicated to constantly learning more about my pathway to being a better person. I am also dedicated to being a mentor to those reaching out for help with that same goal and to those who do not yet reach out to ask. I have helped save a food bank here that was going under and I provide low cost or free healthcare when possible.

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